brows on fleek!

Bold eyebrows are one of the happening beauty trends right now.  The bolder the better.  Like many of you, I plucked my brows to near-extinction in my high school and college years. With that being said, now that I’m 6+ years post-college, I’ve stepped away from the tweezers, leaving the work to the professionals.

When I started growing out my brows, I needed a quick shape up.  At first I turned to threading.  It was quick, efficient, and as an added bonus, I didn’t have to make an appointment.  I would simply swing by the local mall and drop a dime at the kiosk.

I quickly learned that threading was not for me. I kept seeing friends, celebs on social media at brow parlors, and I knew I had to find one.  Unfortunately, they are hard to come by in smaller cities.

I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon Clique Boutique in Louisville, Kentucky (which is my hometown).  My husband and I frequently visit Louisville to see my mom and run errands at places that are not available in Bowling Green (Trader Joe’s, ugh, to die for!).

I soon found myself chin-deep in reviews on Yelp, Google, etc. and decided to make an appointment.  Almost 2 years later, I’m still traveling northbound to get my eyebrows on fleek! The prices are super reasonable and they offer a variety of services. If you are in the market for a place that can get your eyebrows looking fleek, I highly recommend Clique Boutique.








I utilize Anastasia Brow Wiz in the color dark brown to fill in my brows at home.  This is an easy tool to use, and it defines my brows with minimal effort.  It costs approximately $21 at Sephora, and comes in a variety of colors.  There are also cheaper versions available.

NYX has a carbon copy version of the brow wiz for less than half the price that I found at Target.  The NYX Micro Brow Pencil is only $10, but as an added bonus, comes in a multitude of colors.  Both of these pencils have small tips, allowing for the strokes to have the appearance of fine hairs.

Whether you have bold or barely-there brows, these pencils are a great tool to have and so easy to use!

Author: flights & fashion

Full time flight nurse with a obsession for fashion. When I'm not saving lives in the sky, I'm sharing my love for fashion and travel with the world.

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