Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend, and are ready to face the work week!  This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Atlanta, visiting friends from college.  We had a BLAST!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures, but will share the few I took with you.

We started the weekend off by taking a trip to Piedmont Park.  This was my first time visiting, and it was amazing!  It was very clean, complete with a variety of designated areas suited for activities people could participate in.  My favorite, which will be of no surprise to those who know me, was the dog park!

We ventured through the park, ending up at what I would refer to as an upscale farmer’s market.  Many different vendors set up selling food and other goods.  We enjoyed an organic tea while taking in the sights around us.

From there, we walked to the Midtown district to see the painted rainbow crosswalks.  Who doesn’t love a good rainbow?  This neighborhood is full of life and culture!  We loved taking in the scenery of this area!


After leaving Midtown, we went back to our friends’ house to grab a quick bite to eat, while the boys caught a cat nap.  After gaining much-needed energy from a hearty lunch, we headed to SweetWater Brewery.


If you’re a beer connoisseur such as myself, or just enjoy the taste of a nice cold brew, this is the perfect place to visit.  The brewery itself offers tours, but we preferred the tasting aspect (hahaha).

One of my favorite beers by SweetWater is simply titled Blue.  It’s a blueberry wheat beer, both delicious and refreshing.  It was nice to venture out and enjoy the local scene while having a cold drink and catching up with friends.


My attire was this romper I got a few years ago, but have yet to wear until now from Revolve.  It’s lightweight and breezy, which allowed me to stay cool and comfortable in the ‘Hot’lanta weather.  The brand is MinkPink, which has so many cute patterns and styles.  I linked some MinkPink rompers here.

The purse I opted to wear is the Stadium Crossbody Bag by Packed Party.  This bag is everything!  If you’re like myself, attending frequent concerts/music festivals, sporting events or outdoor festivals, you need this bag.

It’s designed to meet all stadium requirements, and is clear, making it easy for inspection at the front gates.  It’s vegan and so durable.  The straps are gold, making it perfect to wear with everything!

After having our taste and fill of some local brews, we ventured to Krog Street Market for dinner.  The place was soooo cool!  I would describe it as an upscale food court, minus all the mall stores.  Here, they had many food options to choose from.


We started off getting crafts beers at a place called Hop City.  After grabbing our brews, we walked around and got a couple of sushi rolls for a quick appetizer while waiting for our table reservation to become available.

The sushi place was Makimono.  We ordered the Lion King roll, which was hands down one of the best sushi rolls I’ve ever had!  After devouring the sushi, we headed to Superica for dinner.  This Tex Mex style restaurant was awesome!  The guacamole and queso with chips was delicious!

We enjoyed some tacos along with a few margaritas for dinner.  After eating and drinking our way through Krog Street Market, we headed back to our friends house and enjoyed a night in.


The weekend went by so fast!  We had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to go back!  We want to thank our friends Matt & Lauren for their hospitality and kindness.  We love you both so much and are excited for future adventures to come!


XO Andrea


Author: flights & fashion

Full time flight nurse with a obsession for fashion. When I'm not saving lives in the sky, I'm sharing my love for fashion and travel with the world.

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