game day style

Happy first official day of college football season!  This is the day we’ve waited for.  Finally, it’s time to head back to the gridiron!

Today on Flights and Fashion, I’ll be dissecting this casual and comfortable game day outfit.


When it comes to game day styles, I like to keep it comfortable.  At the beginning of football season, it’s usually pretty hot.  I enjoy wearing something that will keep me cool and breezy in the warm temperatures.


The second key to a solid game day outfit is to keep it casual. Remember where you’re going, and what you’re attending.  It’s a football game, not a red carpet event.  Keep things simple, and be yourself!


This casual cotton swing dress comes from the confines of Old Navy.  This dress is perfect to wear to any game, regardless of who you’re cheering for.  Make a simple addition, perhaps a colored necklace of your preferred team, and your game day style is complete.



XO Andrea

Author: flights & fashion

Full time flight nurse with a obsession for fashion. When I'm not saving lives in the sky, I'm sharing my love for fashion and travel with the world.

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