mustard yellow

Mustard yellow is one of the most popular color trends right now.  It’s a bold color that demands attention!  Not to mention, it’s a great color to wear during the fast approaching fall season.  Imagine the brightly colored fall leaves falling, crisp, cool air, a pumpkin spice latte in hand, all while wearing mustard yellow.  It just makes sense!


This floral jumpsuit is one of the latest additions to my ever-growing jumpsuit collection.  The piece is Jealous Tomato, and I purchased it from a local boutique in Bowling Green, Back Down South.  They have the cutest clothes!  I never leave there empty handed.


This mustard yellow floral jumpsuit has a cutout detail on both sides, as well as the back. I can’t lie, this makes the bra situation a little tricky, but definitely doable.  These cutout details elevate this jumpsuit to a new level, adding an extra bit of style & edge.


The accessory options for this jumpsuit are endless.  It has a fall-friendly, floral pattern that can easily be worn with any color purse.  I paired it with navy tassel earrings from H&M.


Whether its a jumpsuit, top, pants or dress, mustard yellow is the IT color this season.  If you don’t already have a piece in your closet that’s this color, I highly recommend it.  It’s an easy color to wear on most skin tones, and matches just about anything.


Go out there and invest in a new piece of clothing.  I know you won’t regret it!  Thanks for stopping by to check out this Wednesday’s edition of Flights and Fashion!


XO Andrea

Author: flights & fashion

Full time flight nurse with a obsession for fashion. When I'm not saving lives in the sky, I'm sharing my love for fashion and travel with the world.

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