new month, new do

Hey y’all and happy Friday! As many of you know, I have put my hair through a lot over the past few months. After returning from vacation I made the decision to cut the majority of the length off and start fresh.

I have never been one to fret over a haircut. My thoughts are, its just hair and it will grow back. So why not change things up a bit?

Here is my hair before the cut and color. As you can tell it was getting rather long and the ends were dry and damaged.


I wanted to give my hair a little something extra so I decided to add some warm tones for the fall season. This helps give my natural brunette hair some dimension.

My stylist, Maggie, creates highlights in my hair by teasing my hair and then dying the ends and lastly applying foil.Β  This technique creates a more natural looking ombre color.


Here is the final result and I couldn’t be happier! I wanted a blunt cut above my shoulder so I can still be able to pull it up in a ponytail for work. The color is subtle and perfect for the fall and winter season.


If you are thinking about taking the plunge and cutting your hair, I highly recommend it! I’m happy with my decision. I can’t wait to style and play around with it.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!


XO Andrea